Dallas Cowboys

Harris block ruled legal by league

The Cowboys got the official word from the NFL that a penalty should have never been called against punt returner Dwayne Harris for unnecessary roughness on a block in the fourth quarter of Thursday’s 33-10 loss to the Eagles.

Harris blocked the Eagles player to prevent the ball from being downed inside the 5 yard line. The officials flagged Harris for unnecessary roughness because he hit him “too hard.”

The Cowboys sent a tape of the play into the league and got an email back confirming that Harris’ hit was legal and a flag should not have been thrown, coach Jason Garrett said Sunday.

Garrett said the Cowboys teach the returner that he can block the defender if he doesn’t call a fair catch. That’s what special teams coach Rich Bisaccia instructed Harris to do that play because a previous punt had been downed at the 4. So that’s what Harris did.

The Cowboys were shocked that a flag was called and are pleased to get confirmation from the league that they are teaching it right.