Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys not interested in adding running backs

The Cowboys had no interest in Ben Tate or LeGarrette Blount, Jerry Jones said, because they feel good about their running backs.

DeMarco Murray leads the league with 1,233 yards, and although Joseph Randle and Lance Dunbar have only 63 touches for 444 yards and a touchdown this season, the team owner remains confident in Murray’s backups.

“We’ve got one that if he carried that ball 20 times a game, I think he would have outstanding numbers in the 100-yard-up area. That is Joseph Randle,” Jones said on his weekly radio show on KRLD-FM. “We’re really proud of his progress, what he’s doing. When he’s gotten the ball, he’s been impressive. He’s been impressive away from the ball. Then, of course, we can’t seem to get for anybody’s satisfaction, mainly [play-caller Scott] Linehan or Jason [Garrett] or anybody involved, we can’t seem to get the ball in Dunbar’s hands enough.

“When you look at that, and then we’ve got a back on our practice squad, [Ryan] Williams that just absolutely is ready to go if called upon. So we’re in pretty good shape at running back.”

Tate was claimed off waivers by the Minnesota Vikings, and Blount signed with the New England Patriots.

Randle has 29 carries for 201 yards and a touchdown, and Dunbar has 19 carries for 54 yards.

The Cowboys kept Randle even after his arrest for shoplifting Oct. 13 and the release of his jailhouse booking video a couple of weeks later.

“It’s unfortunate for everybody, not just for him, but for everybody that he had the incident that he had,” Jones said. “That’s embarrassing and that’s not good. But on the other hand, one of the things that being a competitor, being in sports allows you to do is if you’re contrite and you want to do it, it allows you to basically rehab a bad mistake better than the average guy.

“A lot, most of us get out here and if you make those mistakes, it’s real hard to spend the time and have the visibility that it takes to correct that mistake in the eyes of your peers or in the eyes of the fans. Football players have an advantage if they want to take advantage of it and they can get back in the good graces.”