Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys hit the sacks against Jaguars in London

The Dallas Cowboys are back in the sack business.

The Cowboys’ four sacks against Jacksonville was a season-high. They had seven sacks in the first seven games. Now they have nine in the past three.

Even London native Jack Crawford got in on the action during the Cowboys’ 31-17 victory Sunday. He had his second sack of the season, and his career, and his first against a quarterback. Crawford sacked New Orleans punter Thomas Morstead earlier this season.

“It’s special,” Crawford said. “Every defensive lineman dreams about getting a sack, a fumble, in front of his family and friends, and the fact that it happened tonight just made it so much more special. It’s a great day, playing in Wembley. … It was an experience I’ll never forget.”

Cameron Lawrence, Brandon Carr and Jeremy Mincey also were credited with sacks.

For Mincey, it was special because it came against his former team. The Jaguars released him last December.

“It was a great feeling,” Mincey said. “I wanted to leave the game statistically with something. I didn’t want the team to shut me out, basically, so it was good.”

Safety Barry Church was miffed that he didn’t get half a sack for teaming up with Mincey. Church had Blake Bortles wrapped up around the ankles when Mincey came in to clean him up. The Elias Sports Bureau still could credit Church with a half a sack this week, taking a half from Mincey.

“I’m so hurt right now,” Church said after a reporter told him he didn’t get credit. “I’m glad for [Mincey]. We got [Bortles] on third down, so we got them off the field, and that’s all that matters in the end.”

Field conditions

The Cowboys found the field conditions at Wembley Stadium to be just what they had been told: Slick.

Quarterback Tony Romo compared it to Washington, but linebacker Bruce Carter said it was worse than even Chicago in the winter.

“The field was trash,” Carter said. “It was just terrible from the beginning to the end.”

Equipment manager Bucky Buchanan said the Cowboys had the correct studs for the detachable cleats from the start. The linemen reluctantly wore them, and some complained afterward.

“I probably will never wear studs again,” offensive guard Ron Leary said. “I didn’t like those at all. That was my first time ever in my football career wearing studs. So I’m not a big fan of those.”

Most of the Cowboys painted a happy face on every part of their trip, including the turf.

“It wasn’t the greatest turf, but I love playing on grass,” running back DeMarco Murray said. “You’ve just got to fight through it.”

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