Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones wants Cowboys to return to London... as the visiting team

Owner Jerry Jones is enjoying his time in London and says he will consider coming back for a future international game here to spread the legend of the Cowboys.

However, Jones remains firm that the Cowboys will return only as the visiting team. They have no plans of giving up a home game.

The Jaguars are the home team for Sunday’s game.

“The problem we have is we don’t want to forgo a home game,” Jones said. “As you’re well aware, we don’t play many games relative to other sports and so that’s not something we’re interested in doing, foregoing a home game. But our away games and our ability to play away has always been a consideration and something we would do. Again, the trip, the experience everything that is involved with it is a big plus. We work real hard where we can to have visibility. So it’s great to come over here and play. It’s great for the franchise and I think great for the NFL.”

The big question is how Jones’ stance on not giving up a home game will impact the Cowboys ability to host another Super Bowl at AT&T Stadium.

Owners voted to require teams that host a Super Bowl to give up a regular-season home game to London sometime over a five-year period. Jones has said in the past that he would not give up a home game even if that means costing the Cowboys a Super Bowl bid.

Jones is now at the try-and-see mode with the NFL, possibly testing its supposed stance of requiring teams to give up a regular-season home game to host a Super Bowl.

“I don’t know,” a perplexed Jones said. “Frankly, I understand that it’s been proposed, but I haven’t seen anything that says in order to make a bid for a Super Bowl that you have to give up a home game. That may be a consideration, but I haven’t seen it. And keep in mind, when you’re asked to bid for a Super Bowl, they give you a proposed criteria – you don’t have to follow that criteria. You still may get a vote, and it still may get the vote. And so you usually see suggested criteria, and they will point out to the owners that you didn’t adhere to that criteria, but they could still put your city up for a vote.

Arlington hosted Super Bowl XLV on Feb. 6, 2011, a first for North Texas. It stands as the most financially profitable Super Bowl in history, as Cowboys Stadium – now AT&T Stadium – drew 103,219.

Another bid has been anticipated since, though the winter storm and a seating fiasco during the 2011 game has caused it to be put on hold.