Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones expects Tony Romo to play Sunday

Tony Romo practiced Thursday, and although he still appeared to be walking gingerly, Jerry Jones said the quarterback will play Sunday.

“I’m anticipating him playing, have no reason to think that he won’t, and this will be a nice little practice session for him out there today, but my expectations are for him to play,” the Cowboys owner said during a 27-minute press conference.

Romo stayed at the team hotel for treatment on his injured back Wednesday as the Cowboys practiced at Allianz Park. He has two transverse process fractures in his back, which forced him to miss Sunday’s game against the Cardinals.

It continued the same schedule Romo has had since Week 3 when he began taking off Wednesdays.

Barring a setback, Romo appears healthy enough to play Sunday.

“We would never put a player in harm’s way,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said. “Obviously, it’s a very physical sport that we play, and these guys are always putting themselves on the line. But the medical staff will clear the player regardless of who the player is, and we’ll make the right decision as a coaching staff if that player’s able to play. He has to be functional, and he has to be able to protect himself. We’d never put anybody in a bad situation.”