Dallas Cowboys

Britian’s biggest Cowboys fan gets a thrill by meeting Tyron Smith

LONDON Who knew? One British Cowboys’ fan drove four hours to the team’s practice site to try and meet one of his heroes – Tyron Smith. Mark White, 52, was wearing a No. 77 jersey as Smith approached him outside Allianz Park.

"It cost a lot in postage," White told Smith, "but it was worth it. Could you sign the back of my shirt?"

Smith signed White’s jersey, shook his hand and took a photograph with him before getting on the team bus back to the hotel.

"I can’t believe it," White said. "I’m getting a hot flash, and I’m too old for hot flashes."

White became a Cowboys fan because his mum watched the TV show Dallas. He went to the Cowboys’ 1986 exhibition game at Wembley, the first NFL game there, and was hooked.

"I’ve been a Cowboys fan ever since," said White, who also owns a Tony Romo jersey.

Smith had a smile on his face when he saw White.

"That’s great," he said.