Dallas Cowboys

Jason Garrett had no problem with Jerry’s presence on sideline

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said he had no problem with owner Jerry Jones coming to the sideline in the fourth quarter Monday night to deliver news that injured quarterback Tony Romo was available to return to the game.

Garrett also made it clear that Jones was there to inform him of Romo’s status, not demand the quarterback’s return to the field.

“He had been down with the doctors for the X-ray and the examination in the locker room and just been in there for the tail end of that and just came out and indicated that the X-rays were negative and that as long as he was functional, he could be capable of playing in the game,” Garrett said. “I think the ideal situation is to get it communicated as quickly as possible, and he felt like he could do it. It wasn’t a big deal to me at all.”

Garrett scoffed at the speculation that Jones ordered him to put Romo back in the game, answering the question with a definitive “no.”

He said doesn’t “worry about [how] things are being portrayed.”