Dallas Cowboys

DeMarco Murray shrugs off his generosity

DeMarco Murray shrugged his shoulders when asked about the generous gift he gave his offensive linemen.

“Yes, I just wanted to give them a little gift. Nothing big,” Murray said Friday. “…Hopefully, they did [like it]. Hopefully they enjoy it. They deserve it.”

Maybe it is better to give than receive.

Running backs and quarterbacks typically reward their offensive linemen after the season. Murray did it after seven games, giving the five starters iMac desktop computers that retail for $1,300.

Murray, of course, wouldn’t acknowledge it was for helping him set an NFL record. He has consistently downplayed supplanting Hall of Famer Jim Brown with a seventh consecutive 100-yard game to start the season.

“It’s appreciation for that they do,” Murray said when asked why now. “Just got paid, so ...it was right.”

The offensive linemen, though, offered their appreciation for the gift, and reporters joked with Jason Witten about the tight ends and receivers being left out of Murray’s Santa Claus impersonation.

“He takes care of them, we’re good,” Witten said. “He doesn’t have to give me anything. Just keep getting those rushing yards and those wins, and we’ll be good.”

Receiver Dez Bryant said Murray’s record is a big deal to the team, even if Murray won’t talk about it.

“He broke Jim Brown’s record,” Bryant said. “That’s a big deal, man. I heard it was there for a long time. How long was it? [56 years]. That’s a long time. I think that’s our goal. I’m pretty sure it’s not [his goal], because he never talks about it. Never talks about it at all. But the other guys around him, we all notice it and think about it. That’s why we practice hard, so we can give him that opportunity to reach that. That’s a big deal.”