Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones not prepared to give up a home game to get another Super Bowl

The Cowboys want another Super Bowl for North Texas, but Jerry Jones isn’t prepared to give up one of his team’s eight regular-season home games to get it.

The SportsBusiness Journal reported that owners voted to require teams that host a Super Bowl to give up a regular-season home game to London sometime over a five-year period.

“That will put a difficult caveat to our bid,” Jones said on his weekly radio show on KRLD-FM. “We probably will make a bid. They tell you what they want in a bid, but you can make a bid without what they want in a bid. So when you say, ‘They’re not going to give it to you.’ The owners still get to vote. That’s pretty limiting, and our home games are so important to us at this time, I’m not for sure how we’ll handle a bid. We’ll make a bid for a super bowl in the future, but that’s a head scratcher if I would do it at a cost of a home game.”

Arlington hosted Super Bowl XLV on Feb. 6, 2011, a first for North Texas. It stands as the most financially profitable Super Bowl in history, as Cowboys Stadium – now AT&T Stadium – drew 103,219.

Another bid has been anticipated since, though a winter storm and a seating fiasco pushed back a return visit.

The Cowboys play their first regular-season game overseas on Nov. 9, but Jacksonville is giving up the home game.

“We would not have played in that game if it cost us a home game, and we just wouldn’t do it and haven’t done it,” Jones said. “That’s not being mean in any way or [not] being a team player. We made too big of a commitment to our fans and to our organization to play our 10 games here.”

London will host three regular-season NFL games this season. The league has hopes to expand to as many as eight games overseas.