Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones: No issue with “Redskins” nickname, says it’s like “Cowboys” to him

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is siding with Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder in the growing controversy regarding the Redskins nickname.

The Redskins name has long considered be racial slur toward Native Americans.

But Jones says that’s not what it’s meant to be in regards to the Washington football team and says it’s no different than the nickname “Cowboys” to him.

“I don’t have an issue with it,” Jones said on his radio show in KRLD-FM Tuesday morning. “I know it’s not meant in any way to denigrate…It’s like Cowboys to me. We should all feel that way about it. It’s a great part of the tradition of the league. If Snyder wants to keep it they should keep it. It’s pretty pointed that this name is one of pride. This name is one of competition. This name is one of a lot of great things that have happened with that franchise and should be looked at that way.”

Certainly no one looks at the Cowboys as a racial slur and there is no history of an ethnic known as the “Cowboys” being removed from their land, put into camps and even being murdered.

Otherwise, Redskins and Cowboys are exactly the same.

In football news, the Cowboys and Redskins will meet for the 107th time Monday night at AT&T Stadium.