Dallas Cowboys

Boisterous Cowboys fans finally give him team an edge, no silent count necessary

Not to be lost in the Cowboys’ 31-21 victory against the New York Giants Sunday, which extended their winning streak to six games and gave them the league’s best record at 6-1, is the decided home-field advantage they finally enjoyed at AT&T Stadium.

There will be no talk this week about how Giants fans took over the Cowboys’ home stadium. The Cowboys dominated on the field and the home fans were loud and vociferous.

The Giants had three false starts in the game because of the home noise and the Cowboys didn’t have to resort to a silent count offense as they did against Houston two weeks ago.

“They were loud,” tight end Jason Witten said. “That’s what we need. It was huge the way they had influence in the game. You can tell it was hard for them to communicate.”

Quarterback Tony Romo called out the fans after the Houston game. He was more than pleased on Sunday and now believes it will continue that way through the rest of the slate.

“It was outstanding out there,” Romo said. “We have such a strong contingent of fans across America and obviously here. They showed that today. They were a big part of that win and I think that is going to continue at home.”