Dallas Cowboys

Dan Bailey insists he’s fine after leg-whip

Dan Bailey got leg-whipped on this third point-after attempt that was replayed on the Fox broadcast, but the kicker said he was fine afterward.

“It’s just kind of one of those things that’s kind of nagging, kind of like when you’re playing soccer or something and get a little cleat to the shin, and it’s kind of a little nagging deal,” Bailey said. “But it’s not a big deal at all.”

Apparently not since he iced the game with a 49-yard field goal with 59 seconds left.

“The situation was we needed some points to kind of make it a little harder on them coming back, so we tried to approach it the same way we always do,” Bailey said. “I felt pretty confident going out there and luckily we were able to put some points on the board.”

Bailey has made 14-of-15 attempts this season and last week became the NFL’s all-time most accurate kicker. He has made 91.2 percent of his career attempts.