Dallas Cowboys

Russell Wilson, Travis Frederick fondly remember their season together at Wisconsin

Cowboys center Travis Frederick and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson played one season together at Wisconsin.

Wilson was a senior in 2011 after transferring in from North Carolina State, and Frederick was a junior who split time between guard and center.

But to listen to them talk about each other before Sunday’s matchup between the Cowboys and Seahawks -- their first game on opposite sidelines -- you would think Frederick had snapped balls to Wilson since high school.

It’s definitely a mutual admiration society.

“When I first saw him, he was exactly who he is now,” Frederick said. “When he came in, he did those things that he does now back at Wisconsin. That was one of the things that made us so good that year is that we had him. He’s a really good player, super explosive, does a lot of good things and he’s a really good leader. The best thing I can say about him, I totally respect him as a player and as a person, and from what I know of him, everything you hear about in the media and on TV, that really is the true guy. You have to respect somebody when they’re like that.”

Wilson was even more effusive.

“I used to work out with him pretty much every day,” Wilson said. “I have a good relationship with Travis. First of all, he’s probably one of the most intelligent people you’ll ever meet. I think he was in chemical engineering at the University of Wisconsin , or something like that. It was probably a 4.0 guy, maybe higher. But very intelligent. He loved the game of football. Very poised. We had a good relationship. He can play some really good football. I knew Travis was going to be a first-round pick because of his demeanor. His love for the game was pretty remarkable. I remember when I got to Wisconsin , one of the first weeks I was there I was watching film all by myself and he came in there and started watching it with me. I just remember how hard of a worker he was. I had the opportunity to always lift with him. I would squat next to him. He’s putting 700 pounds on the bar and I’m over there squatting 300, maybe. Just to be around him was always a great thing. I’m really happy for him. To get to watch him play on Sunday will be a really exciting thing. I love the guy to death.”