Dallas Cowboys

Has Tyrone Crawford found a new home at defensive tackle?

Tyrone Crawford isn’t ready to say he’s more comfortable at defensive tackle than defensive end. But he is seeing more results since moving inside the past two weeks.

“I do feel I’ve done a better job at the tackle position than the end,” said Crawford, who had two tackles, including a tackle for loss, against the Texans on the Sunday.

“Hopefully I can improve on it. There’s definitely still a lot of reads and different things I need to continue to learn, but I definitely feel I’ve done a better job.”

Crawford joked after his first start at the under-tackle position in Week 4 against New Orleans about the physicality of playing inside.

“I feel like I got hit by a transport truck,” Crawford posted on his Twitter account.

He laughed about that post on Tuesday, but acknowledged that its still a grueling afternoon inside even the second time around.

“I feel better,” Crawford said, smiling. “Again, I’ve just been learning, learning more on how to take on blocks. The first week I was just running headfirst into different blocks, different guys. I’ve learned quickly how to take on blocks better, but still a lot of learning to do. But I feel a lot better.”

The Cowboys like Crawford’s speed and quickness inside, as he is a difficult matchup for guards. That could be an important factor this week if the Cowboys are going to contain Seattle’s running game led by Marshawn Lynch.

“He’s a powerful back,” Crawford said. “We know that about him and we know he’s going to run hard and wants to have a good game. We want to have a good game and we just do what we do and go out there and play ball.”

Crawford also knows the defense will have its hands full with Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson. Crawford would like nothing more than to notch his first sack of the season this week, instead of adding on to his team-leading 12 quarterback pressures.