Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys’ faith in Bailey makes decision to kick on third down an easy one

The Cowboys have faith in Dan Bailey. How much? Only 6:23 after Bailey missed a 53-yard game-winner, the Cowboys sent him out to try another from 48 yards… on third down.

The Cowboys considered trying to get closer, with a third-down play from scrimmage. Instead, they put the game in the kicker’s hands in overtime.

Bailey’s kick was true, giving the Cowboys a hard-earned victory over the Texans in overtime.

“We considered a lot of different things there,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said of the thought process after two runs by DeMarco Murray gained no yards. “That’s well within [Bailey’s] range in our stadium, so we didn’t think distance was a problem there. He was probably 5, 6, 7 yards inside of where we thought would be an easy -- not an easy, but a reasonable -- opportunity for him. We wanted to get closer; we wanted to run the ball at them, but we didn’t make much on either of those first two runs. There are reasons to kick on third down to give you a chance if something does not go the right way, you can still salvage it and have an opportunity to kick it on fourth down. That was the reason to do it, and again, distance was not an issue for him. Obviously he did a really good job with the kick.”

Bailey made 30 consecutive field goals, dating to September 2013 against San Diego before missing on the final play of regulation against the Texans.