Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys praise Tony Romo’s spin move to avoid J.J. Watt sack

The buzz throughout the Cowboys locker room after the game centered on Tony Romo’s remarkable play in the third quarter.

Romo, somehow, spun away from a charging J.J. Watt and fired a 43-yard touchdown pass to Terrance Williams. It’s a play that Dez Bryant feels should be on every time he turns on NFL Network.

“They need to show that play. Seriously,” Bryant said. “J.J. Watt is arguably the best defensive player in the league. For Tony to do what Tony do, make a move on him like that and then complete a big bomb down the field to Terrance Williams for a touchdown … it’s amazing.”

Everybody wanted to talk about the play afterwards, especially left tackle Tyron Smith. Watt beat Smith off the edge on the play, but couldn’t capitalize on it.

“He got a pretty good jump on the ball,” Smith said. “For me, just wasn’t timed like I wanted it to be. Things got a little crazy, mixed up in there. We did the best we could and Romo made a heck of a play.”

Said Romo: “I did not know he was coming free. You can instinctively feel it and at the last second do what you think gives you the best chance to get out of it and make a play. … I don’t think you ever envision J.J. coming from the backside. You just try to make someone miss and I knew we had the down-the-field throws. They were in one-on-one matchups. I just needed to get the ball up.”

Here is more reaction on the play:

Coach Jason Garrett: “From what I could see maybe it ranks up there with some of the great ones he’s made. Certainly it’s one for the ages with Romo. There’s a handful of those he’s had throughout his career and I think you can add that one to the list.”

Owner and general manager Jerry Jones: “He’s unique and extraordinary in doing that. Romo has quickness. It never ceases to amaze me how he comes out of those pressure situations like that and can see downfield and find the guy that he’s looking for. We’re lucky to have him because he can get a lot of yards after plays are busted.”

Tight end Jason Witten: “Just unbelievable. He’s done it his entire career, but it just seems like it’s at the most critical times of the game and just big-time plays by him. I’ve said it a long time and I think you see our football team goes as he leads us and how he plays.”

Watt: “It’s frustrating to a player who is supposed to make plays. I should have made that play. It weighs on you.”