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Cowboys camp: Webb expounds on boxing’s benefits

Fighting words

Cornerback B.W. Webb took up boxing before the team made him a fourth-round draft pick last year. He found a boxing gym in Dallas he uses to stay in shape during the off-season. Here are five reasons why Webb boxes:

1“The conditioning is great. There’s nothing like going in the ring and getting it in.”

2“I love coming out here and slap boxing with the guys a little bit, showing them what I’ve learned, slapping them around a little bit.”

3“I got into it watching the fights, [Floyd] Mayweather and guys like that, and I can relate to what they’re doing more now.”

4“Get your footwork right.”

5“It improves your hand-eye coordination.”

Team theme?

Jason Garrett is big on inspirational sayings. They are all around the team’s Valley Ranch facility. They are written on hotel keys when the team stays out of town.

This year’s theme seems to be “Fight,” with players and coaches sporting blue shirts with the single word.

“Every day it’s a fight to be your best, whatever your field of endeavor you have,” Garrett said. “We talk about that a lot, and it’s really an important thing to understand. This is a unique opportunity that we all have — to play and coach for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League. It’s a fight to be your best. It’s not a fight to try to be your best. It’s a fight to be your best.”

Video Dez

Madden 15 released its player ratings this week, and the Cowboys’ Dez Bryant ranks fifth among receivers with a 94. He trails Detroit’s Calvin Johnson (99), Chicago’s Brandon Marshall (98), Cincinnati’s A.J. Green (95) and Houston’s Andre Johnson (95). “Yeah, but it’s all good,” Bryant said. “94. It’ll go up during the season.”

Quote of the day

“I didn’t study for the exam. The exam was three hours. They hand me the blue book, and I write my [butt] off. It’s unbelievable. I’m sweating, I can’t tell you how much I’m trying, right? Here you go, teacher — 62. The guy goes to class, studies, does what he’s supposed to do, day in, day out. When that exam comes he puts a little bib on, because he’s slobbering. He’s so excited to answer the questions right, because he’s ready. He’s ready to be his best. It’s not about trying your best in life; it’s about being your best and doing everything you can to be your best in all the endeavors you choose.” — Jason Garrett, on being your best and trying to be your best.

Injury report

G Ronald Leary (strained hamstring): Placed on PUP list but could return as soon as Tuesday.

DE Anthony Spencer (microfracture surgery on knee): Placed on PUP list and will be monitored daily.

DT Amobi Okoye (personal health issue): Placed on non-football injury list.

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