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Giants’ winning streak does not surprise Garrett: ‘They’re a good football team’

The New York Giants have put together a four-game winning streak since their 0-6 start, and Jason Garrett is not surprised.

“No, they’re a good football team,” he said. “They’ve been a good football team for a long time. They’ve got a lot of good players. They’re doing what winning teams do, and I don’t think that’s a surprise or a revelation at all.”

Despite that awful start, the Giants can catch the Cowboys in the standings with a victory on Sunday. The Cowboys were 3-3 during the Giants’ winless stretch. Since then, the Cowboys are 2-2, and the Giants are 4-0.

“When you play winning football and you have talented players on your team and you’re well-coached, typically you’re going to win more than you don’t,” Garrett said. “They’ve done a good job fighting themselves out of this 0-6 situation, but we’ve played against them a lot in the past and we know what kind of people they have up there, what kind of talent they have. So it doesn’t surprise us one bit.”

Garrett said the Giants have some new faces because of injury, but are not necessarily doing anything different. They’re just doing it better, he said.

“I don’t know that they’ve changed their scheme dramatically,” Garrett said. “I think they’re doing things that winning football teams do.”

Pain of criticism

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he listens to talk radio “more than anyone” and that criticism hurts, but deep down, maybe he likes it.

“I think I love the pain,” he said in an interview with CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford broadcast Monday on CBS This Morning. “Certainly, criticism hurts, but it, boy — fuels your ambition. It makes me think, ‘I wanna show them.’”

Jones said he does hear the criticism for putting out a Cowboys team that has only one playoff victory in 17 seasons, and he chooses not to block it out.

“No, no. As a matter of fact, I probably listen to more talk radio than anyone,” Jones said.

Jones was asked if he considers making a change at general manager, the position he has held since buying the Cowboys in 1989.

Jones gave his stock answer.

“My experience has been the closer your top management is to the man that writes the check, or the man that is the financial backbone of the team, the better operation you have,” he said.

He’d rather play

Defensive tackle Jason Hatcher has had two Sundays without a physical beating on his body, which could help him be fresher for the last six weeks. But if he had a choice, he’d take the two weeks of physical beating.

“I wouldn’t want to take these two weeks off because you lose a lot of foot speed, technique and timing,” he said.

“You have to sort of get it back in one week. It’s easy to lose your technique and timing of the game. Hopefully I ain’t too rusty when I get back.”

Hatcher said his concern was that he couldn’t even work on technique on the side during the week after he suffered the stinger in the Minnesota Vikings game. But he said he is finally able to do that again.

Relaxed Carter

Bruce Carter said now that he is starting again and knows he is not coming off the field, he will be more relaxed.

“When you are in and out, you don’t have a focus or tempo for the game because you are coming in and out,” he said. “When you are in there, you can feel the tempo when you are playing well. You can kind of sense things. Going in and out was kind of frustrating.”

Carter has been splitting time with Ernie Sims at weakside linebacker since the Week 4 loss at San Diego, when poor play sent Carter to the bench for the second half.

But the injury to middle linebacker Sean Lee against the New Orleans Saints has forced the Cowboys to use Sims at that spot.

Practice report

DeMarcus Ware and Morris Claiborne rehabbed Monday and did not practice. Ware aggravated his quadriceps injury against the New Orleans Saints. Claiborne is recovering from a hamstring injury.

The Cowboys also practiced without linebackers Sean Lee and Justin Durant, each out three to four weeks with hamstring injuries from the Saints game.

But safety J.J. Wilcox, who has missed a month with a sprained knee, and defensive tackle Jason Hatcher, who missed the Saints game with a stinger, both practiced.

Mary J

Singer-songwriter and actress Mary J. Blige will perform the national anthem prior to the Thanksgiving Day game against Oakland.

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