Dallas Cowboys

Jason Garrett wants ‘sloppy’ Cowboys to be ‘more physical’

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett judged the team’s first day in pads the way he does most practices and most games. There were some good things and some not so good things. He liked the effort but there certainly things the Cowboys can work on.

Topping the list of improvement is execution, as Garrett thought the Cowboys were too sloppy.

“I thought it was good. I thought we worked hard. I thought it was competitive. I thought it was spirited. I thought it was sloppy,” Garrett said. ‘The execution wasn’t really, really good in any phase of our team. I don’t think the communication was what it needed to be. I don’t think the young guys understand the level of commitment they need to make to learn their assignments and learn this game the way it needs to be learned. That’s what gives them the best opportunity.

“We try to make that abundantly clear to everybody. There certainly was a lot of good things in practice yesterday. Excited to learn from it, we watched the tape last night. We’ll watch some more here this afternoon before we come out on the practice field, and hopefully we’ll grow as a football team.”

Garrett also doesn’t think the Cowboys were physical enough in practice. While doesn’t want full fledge tackling, he does want his team thumping hard and showing some physicality, which was a trait of last year’s team.

“Well, it’s certainly not physical enough. We need to be a more physical football team than we were yesterday. I think when we talk about tempo, it’s just everybody understanding the pace we go at and what we want to accomplish within the tempo. One of the things you never want on your team is you don’t want guys on the ground. So whenever guys are on the ground, that’s not good in any kind of tempo that you have.

“Now it’s pro football and we want to be physical and we have pads on so sometimes guys do go to the ground. I thought the physicalness was OK. It needs to be more physical. But we also need to make sure some of those other things that allow us to keep our team healthy, happen. Guys staying on their feet and understanding what the nature of those drills are.”