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Will Jason Garrett be the next coaching change if the Cowboys don’t finish strong?

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has made 23 coaching changes since his first full season and first staff in 2011.

There have been eight changes since the end of the 2017 season, including Monday’s firing of offensive line coach Paul Alexander and the promotion of top assistant Marc Colombo.

The latter was the first in-season coaching change for Garrett and is considered an example of the urgency the Cowboys have over the final nine games after starting the season a disappointing 3-4 before the bye.

“We are always trying to get better,” Garrett said of what message the move sent. “We believe very strongly in our team. We have a young football team. Again, you want to get away from ball and you want to come back and it’s a blank slate. Let’s start again. That’s something we try to instill in our team week in and week out and this is an opportunity to do that.”

Owner Jerry Jones said firing of Alexander and the trade for receiver Amari Cooper are examples of the Cowboys hopes of getting things turned around quickly.

The Cowboys still think they can finish strong and make a push to the playoffs.

And the shockingly disappointing play of the line under Alexander was a huge source of frustration.

The Cowboys get credit for admitting a mistake and fixing a problem. It is never too late to do the right thing, they say.

But it should not be overlooked that Garrett hired Alexander after he chose to move on from Frank Pollack after last season. He was Garrett’s personal choice and he failed.

Garrett shouldn’t get a pass on that.

The Cowboys are 70-57 under Garrett over the past eight years. He has just two playoff appearances and one playoff win on his resume.

But he has made 23 coaching changes.

He has been the one constant.

Might he be the common dominator to the team’s consistent mediocrity and lack of big-time success?

The Cowboys have followed 8-8 seasons from 2011-2013 with 12-4, 4-12, 13-3 and 9-7 campaigns before this season’s 3-4 start.

Jones remains supportive of Garrett. But he has also stated he won’t always be in the family portrait.

And more to the point, if the Cowboys don’t get things turned around and finish strong in 2018, will the next urgent coaching change be with Garrett?

Process that.

Clarence E. Hill Jr. @clarencehilljr
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