Dallas Cowboys

Why did Jerry Jones drop an F-bomb in a pre-draft news conference?

Jerry Jones showed off perfect comedic timing in the Dallas Cowboys’ pre-draft new conference on Tuesday at The Star.

A new documentary on the team being released on Amazon Prime this Friday, “All or Nothing,” paints a different portrait than most might have of coach Jason Garrett.

Garrett is far from the bland and boring coach most believe he is, dropping profane language often in the series.

“I really haven’t seen it,” Garrett said. “I saw bits and pieces of it along the way. So, I don’t really know that much about it to comment.” Garrett is then told more about the show and his profane side that comes through.

Jerry Jones then pops in with the line of the day, possibly year, more than 25 minutes into the news conference.

“What in the (expletive) are y’all getting to?” Jones said, prompting the room to erupt in laughter.

After a few moments, Garrett said, “That’s an ender.”

Stephen Jones then said, “Next question.”

The news conference went on for more than 10 minutes afterward, but that moment won’t soon be forgotten.

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