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Dez put out of business because of Jason Garrett, 'Patriot Way'

Receiver Dez Bryant was cut Friday after eight seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, who drafted him in 2010.
Receiver Dez Bryant was cut Friday after eight seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, who drafted him in 2010. rmallison@star-telegram.com

On March 3, Jerry Jones said at the NFL Combine, "You have asked me as I sit here do you want [Dez Bryant] on the team next year and my answer is yes.”

On Friday, Jerry said in a statement, "We arrived at this crossroad collectively with input from several voices within the organization. Ultimately we determined it was time to go in a new direction."

Life sure does come at you fast, especially when your employer is lying through his pretty white teeth and never had any intention of keeping you around in the first place.

The Cowboys retaining Dez was never an option, not even at a reduced rate; Jerry's spin from the Combine in Indy simply bought him time when he didn't need it. The Cowboys dumped Dez not because of money but rather they no longer believe he is worth any price.

Dez's legacy with the Cowboys will ultimately be his X. And that ball he caught in Green Bay that was not ruled a catch until three years later. And drama.

The release of Dez Bryant on Friday means the Dallas Cowboys have gone full New England Patriots, only without the players and coaches to pull it off. Meanwhile, Jerry continues to chase the ghosts from his dynasty teams Jimmy Johnson built more than two decades ago.

Jerry continues the search for his next Michael Irvin, and none of the big names that have followed The Playmaker are close. Not Joey Galloway. Not Antonio Bryant. Not Terrell Owens. Not Dez.

The Dallas Cowboys have dumped star wide receiver Dez Bryant, and Star-Telegram sports guys Mac Engel and Clarence E. Hill Jr. debated America’s Team move in a Facebook Live.

However tenuous you think head coach Jason Garrett and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan should be because of their record, cutting Dez is a decision that acts as yet another confirmation that JJ has quadrupled down on the top end of his staff.

Garrett, and Stephen Jones and Linehan, had had enough of Dez — that was end of Dez Bryant. Chide Jerry for being too meddlesome with the Cowboys, but he normally listens to the people he employs.

While he had to be convinced, somewhat, to release Terrell Owens in March of 2009, the decision to cut Dez did not require as much lobbying.

The decision to dump Dez leaves the Cowboys with a collection of wide receivers who should scare the Dak out of Prescott. Cowboys fans, meet your new No. 1 receiver - Terrance Williams!

That doesn't make me want to throw up the X. It makes me want to just throw up.

Maybe Cole Beasley hit a growth spurt this off-season. Perhaps free agent addition Allen Hurns will be a player.

They added a free agent receiver who played last season for Buffalo and Chicago; I didn't look up his name because, why bother?

Dez has slowed down, and he was not worth the $12.5 million he was due. Nonetheless, he was still this team's best receiver.

Over the past few years, under the behest of Sheriff Stephen Jones, the Cowboys have embraced a philosophy of dumping older players; of going with their own youth over higher-priced free agents. In New England, they call it "The Patriot Way."

And that's great, provided Bill Belichick is your de facto defensive coordinator, and Tom Brady is your quarterback.

Part of that Patriot philosophy is to employ a fleet of receivers whose names you would never know, and do not qualify as a No. 1, receivers whose strength is to run routes correctly, and to not drop passes.

And that's great, provided your quarterback is one of the most accurate passers in the history of the sport.

For all of Dak Prescott's strengths, he has not shown he can drop a pass into a receiver's lap and make him look better than he is.

Dumping Dez will no doubt make the huddle, and sideline, quieter. Maybe easier. There is no guarantee any of Dak's receivers can fare any better than Bryant.

The decision is made, and Bryant's entertaining, noisy and often drama-filled time with the Cowboys is over. From the moment the Cowboys drafted him out of Oklahoma State in 2010, he was fascinating, thrilling and maddening to watch.

Hopefully he lands in a good spot where he can get a nice check and be a productive player. Dez Bryant is good for the NFL.

Meanwhile, Jerry will continue to try to find his next Playmaker, all the while remaining committed to a head coach whose results suggest he's not worth the loyalty.

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