Dallas Cowboys

What’s more disrespectful to the national anthem — kneeling or buying beer?

Dallas Cowboys fans mostly stood in place on the concourse during Sunday’s national anthem at AT&T Stadium, but some never stopped walking, while others completed their beer purchase at concession stands.

Four fans, including Dee Brown from west Dallas, knelt during the anthem on the end zone concourse.

“We’re just trying to show unity and equality,” said Brown, 29. “You can believe in the flag and the stuff it [stands] for, but in the country right now, the way [President Donald Trump] handled everything, the way he’s running the country ... he’s causing more division. We have to be unified at this time.”

Brown said he and his friends didn’t discuss kneeling for the anthem.

“But as soon as the flag came out, it was just instantaneous. We locked arms and kneeled,” Brown said. “It was just an automatic reaction, trying to be unified.”

“Put a highlight on, hey, it’s bad times in the country, we need to be more unified, everybody needs equal rights,” he said. “We’re showing respect. We’re paying attention to the fact that it’s playing while other people are walking around, eating a hot dog, drinking their drink. We’re still showing patriotism. They didn’t stop selling beer, they didn’t stop transactions during that time in the stadium. I think that’s more disrespectful.”

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