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Jerry Jones still supports Randy Gregory, skeptical of failed test report

Jerry Jones still supports troubled DE Randy Gregory.
Jerry Jones still supports troubled DE Randy Gregory. Star-Telegram

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones openly questioned a report from TMZ regarding another failed drug test by suspended defensive end Randy Gregory.

“I would be very skeptical,” Jones said Sunday asked about the TMZ report of Gregory not only failing a seventh test but he also blowing off NFL drug treatment officials attempting to contact him, thus putting his future reinstatement and career in jeopardy.

Gregory is already serving a year-long suspension for repeated violations of the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

He can apply for reinstatement in December but it hinges on his ability to stay clean and adhere to the treatment program.

Jones said the Cowboys remain very supportive of Gregory and believe he is a great asset to the team.

“We need him on the football field,” Jones said. “We do support him absolutely.”

Jones even acknowledges that he had optimistic hopes of Gregory returning the league because of possible negotiations to changes to the NFL’s drug policy in regards to marijuana.

To that end, however, Jones said that Gregory is in a good place and has a lot of support as he continues to deal with his issues, better than last year and at any time since he’s been in the league.

It’s one reason why Jones scoffed at the report of Gregory not cooperating with the league officials.

“That’s just not right,” Jones said. “He is getting a lot of support

He is not void in any way. He’s got in my mind a better method of support than he had most of last year. I’m very comfortable with his support and we are trying to stay in communication with him.”

Gregory, a top 10 talent at Nebraska, dropped to the second round in the 2015 NFL Draft where he was picked by the Cowboys because of a failed drug test the NFL Scouting combine.

His troubles returned almost immediately as he failed a test during the season resulting in four-game fine. He then failed another test, resulting in a four-game suspension to start the 2016 season. A subsequent failed test prompted an additional 10-game suspension.

He returned to play two games before getting popped again, resulting in the year-long suspension.