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Just Chill: Waiting game on Tony Romo has several angles, timetables

The Tony Romo hostage crisis in Dallas officially began on March 9.

Romo was told he was going to be released by the Dallas Cowboys and then team’s brass reneged on that option with plans of trying to trade him rather than letting him go for free.

Eleven days later, the situation remains unresolved. Romo remains in limbo.

But he is not in a sunken place.

While the Cowboys control his rights, Romo is not without say regarding his future.

The delay seemingly favors the Cowboys as they hope to squeeze blood out of a turnip in their quest to create a trade market for a soon-to-be 37-year-old quarterback, who has played in five games since 2014 because of injuries. Romo has had three back surgeries since 2013 in addition to shoulder surgery before last season.

The two most likely destinations — the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos — have yet to blink. Both continue to maintain that they have no interest in trading for Romo when they know they can pursue him for free when the Cowboys finally have no other choice but to release him.

Maybe that changes at the upcoming NFL owners meetings next week in Phoenix.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will surely try to work his magic of persuasion on Broncos general manager John Elway or Houston owner Bob McNair at the swanky Biltmore Hotel.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Until then, the wait continues.

But before you start feeling sorry for Romo during his time of captivity, understand that this time is good for him as well.

The only thing that seems certain is that he won’t be back with the Cowboys.

The time gives him a chance to weigh his own options, which include retirement and a possible lucrative network television job in addition to continuing his career with the Broncos or Texans.

His wife is expecting their third child in August.

As much as Romo believes he can still play at a high level, doesn’t buy the widespread notion that he is brittle and injury prone and says he is as healthy as he’s been in some time, it stands to reason that the tugs of family and fatherhood are also weighing heavily on his mind.

Consider those now-viral Instagram videos Romo posted recently. The one with him teaching his two boys to play football and the other with him talking to his son Hawkins about bedtime.

The latter, posted on Friday, had many people thinking he was taking a dig at the Cowboys.

Here is a transcript:

“OK … deal? Pinky promise? Pinky promise!” — Hawkins

“What am I pinky-promising?” —Tony

“That deal! OK? You’re gonna do it, OK? Pinky promise!” — Hawkins

“Is it good?” — Tony

“Uh-huh. It’s good. It’s a good deal for me. It’s better for me, OK, Dad? It’s not for you, it’s for me.” — Hawkins

“Why would I take the deal then if it’s better for you?” — Tony

The video was taken a while back, according to a source. It was released by Romo last week, but it wasn’t a shot at the Jones family. It just seemed that way because of the timing.

Romo is not miffed at the Joneses and recently went on a trip to Mexico with team vice president Charlotte Jones Anderson and her family.

So there is no animosity with Romo and the Jones family.

Jerry Jones said a while back that Romo had a high tolerance for ambiguity.

So there is no urgency for a decision.

Clearly, money is a huge motivator for a Cowboys team that has spent little in free agency.

Jones has said he could wait until June 1 to make a decision on Romo.

Realistically, the line in the sand is on or before April 17 when the Cowboys, Broncos and Texans officially start their off-season programs.

The Cowboys would be on the hook for his contract if he suffered an injury during workouts.

If the Broncos or Texans plan to add Romo, they would want him in the fold to begin off-season workouts.

Until then, the wait continues.

Romo remains in limbo.

Day 11.

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