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DeMarco Murray news sparking heated fan reaction

Take that, DeMarco Murray’s jersey!con
Take that, DeMarco Murray’s jersey!con Vine

At first, it seemed like an isolated incident: When KDFW/Channel 4 reported the news that Dallas Cowboys star running back DeMarco Murray is leaving for the Philadelphia Eagles, its website included a vine of a fan torching a Murray jersey. Here it is, with a H/T to Fox 4.

Then KTVT/Channel 11 had a report simply headlined Cowboys Fans Burning DeMarco Murray Jerseys. It includes the same Vine, it also included this Twitter pic from Cowboys fan Kevin Keogh. Granted, the jersey isn’t on fire ... yet. Although it looks like it’s in a safeplace, although maybe the bathmat could be moved a foot or so.

And then ... also via CBS 11 (this one looks like it couldn’t burn fast enough):

And then there’s this guy, whom we found on Vine and appears to be ... digesting the news more easily.

And there’s way more where those came from, including some Eagles reaction and a few things we couldn’t post because they don’t meet our language standards.