Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys sign FB Jed Collins

The Cowboys signed fullback Jed Collins, according to a source. He is the first free agent from another team to sign with Dallas, which already has lost four of its own players and could lose DeMarco Murray later today.

Collins arrived in town late Wednesday, and it didn’t take him long to come to terms after arriving at Valley Ranch.

He replaces Tyler Clutts, also a free agent, and the Cowboys view Collins as an upgrade. He will have to wait to see who he will be blocking for as Murray is in Philadelphia, meeting with the Eagles.

Collins had eight carries for 19 yards and caught five passes for 39 yards and a touchdown, while the Lions ranked 28th in rushing.

He played 449 plays, including 246 on offense. That was 22.5 percent of the Lions’ total offensive plays. Clutts played 230 plays for the Cowboys, including 161 on offense. That was 15.2 percent of the Cowboys’ offensive plays.

Collins, 29, played three seasons with the Saints. He has played in 63 of a possible 64 games over his four pro seasons.