Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys WR Brice Butler isn’t pleased with his playoff performance

Brice Butler couldn’t come down with a possible TD catch on Sunday.
Brice Butler couldn’t come down with a possible TD catch on Sunday. rmallison@star-telegram.com

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Brice Butler didn’t feel like he did his job on Sunday.

In a three-play stretch in the first quarter, Butler was called for a costly penalty and then didn’t come up with catches when quarterback Dak Prescott went his way on consecutive plays.

Then, with 5:53 left in the game, Prescott threw what appeared to be a perfect pass for a touchdown to Butler. But Butler didn’t come up with the ball, although the Cowboys ended up scoring on that drive.

“Everybody has to do their individual job to help the team; I don’t really feel like that I helped,” Butler said after the Packers’ 34-31 victory ended the Cowboys’ season. “Then we lost, which makes it worse. Now I’ve got to sit and think about this for a couple months.”

On the Cowboys’ second drive, Butler was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct after he entered the huddle and exited without staying on the field for a play. He then didn’t come up with consecutive deep passes thrown his way by Prescott.

But the missed touchdown is what irritated Butler the most.

“I still don’t know where my hands were,” Butler said. “Dude, I was surprised when I fell and I didn’t have that ball. I felt like I was looking it in. I guess I didn’t stick my arms out long enough.”

As Butler said, those plays will make it a long offseason. He is a free agent, but is hopeful to re-sign with the Cowboys.

“I would love to, but this is my first time ever being a part of free agency,” Butler said. “Things happen. I pray that things work out to where I can stay here cause I like it here, found a home here. But we’ll see.”