Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones tells NFL Network when he would use Tony Romo in playoffs

Special to the Star-Telegram

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones knows when he would want Tony Romo to be inserted in a playoff game in place of rookie starter Dak Prescott.

“Dak, you see a quarterback that plays to the strengths and to the best of our team,” Jones told NFL Network’s Michael Irvin in an interview that aired Sunday on NFL GameDay Morning First Sunday. “Should that not be there, then we have a backup quarterback that’s got a good chance to do some good things out there too.”

The Cowboys play the Green Bay Packers on Sunday for the right to face the Atlanta Falcons next week in the NFC championship game.

Some Cowboys fans have expressed on talk radio leading up to Sunday’s game that it would be crazy not to play Romo at the first sign of trouble. Others wonder what damage that would do to Prescott, and the team’s psyche, for the future.

What kind of deficit would the Cowboys have to face: 14-0 early, 21-0 at halftime, 28-7 in the third quarter? In the NFL championship games in 1966 and 1967, the Cowboys trailed Vince Lombardi’s Packers 14-0 early in both games, and nearly pulled out victories and trips to the first two Super Bowls.

Irvin also asked Jones just how much he wants to go to a fourth Super Bowl. With Irvin as the star receiver, the Cowboys went to the Super Bowls after the 1992 and 1993 seasons. A third would come after a year’s absence.

Jones told the story in his best storytelling fashion.

“The third Super Bowl that I had a chance to be involved in, I made a deal with the man upstairs and said ‘If you’ll just do it for me, I’ll never ask again. This will be it, if you let me win this third Super Bowl, I won’t ask again.’

“I’ve been trying to re-trade that deal for the last 20 years,” he said laughing heartily. “And I’ve put a lot on the line. I’m going to shove almost every bit of it out there this time if he’ll make this deal with me and let me go one more time.”

CBSsports.com’s Will Brinson wondered about Jones’ wisdom early in 1996.

“Whoops. Talk about premature. It’s 1996, you’ve owned the Cowboys for seven years, you’ve already won two Super Bowl titles, you’re only 54 and you’re swapping one more Super Bowl win for an eternity without any more titles?”

Romo trade winds

From NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport:

“No. 1 priority this offseason [for the Cowboys] is trading Tony Romo. Barring retirement, which I understand is still a possibility for Romo, he is not going to want to be the Cowboys’ backup next season.”