Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott enjoyed watching his former idol, Tony Romo

Dak Prescott was among the first to greet Tony Romo as he came off the field after throwing a touchdown pass. It is something Prescott has seen a lot over the years, but for the first time, the lifelong Cowboys fan viewed it from the sideline.

“It was fun to go and watch because it was easy for him as it has been for his entire career,” Prescott said. “Being able to go out there, in a full game, watching a guy that I grew up watching being the quarterback of this team was a good moment.”

Prescott and Romo have formed a great relationship since Romo’s return from a compression fracture in his back. Despite Prescott taking his job, Romo has supported and helped Prescott.

Even if Romo wasn’t all that forthcoming about it after the game.

“I don’t want to get into it. I know there is a million other questions we can talk about,” Romo said. “Part of all that, for the football team, it just doesn’t help to talk about everything that we could discuss. For me, I genuinely feel like, and I understand the questions and they’re good ones to have answered. We’ll get to all of that later. Dak is doing a great job. He’s been a good teammate. We always wish him the best.”

Everyone acknowledged and appreciated the moment, though, as the two quarterbacks celebrated what could end up being Romo’s last touchdown pass in a Cowboys uniform.

“Everybody was excited about his play, and they should have been,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. “None more excited about his play than Dak, and that’s what the beauty of the whole situation is. Romo has certainly had Dak’s back the entire time he’s been there, and it’s pretty obvious that Tony’s pretty sharp himself and can play a lot of good quarterback.”

While Romo showed he still has “it” by completing 3 of 4 passes for 29 yards and the 3-yard score to Terrance Williams, Prescott remains the starter.

“The best example for everybody to see is frankly what happened out there today with Romo stepping in there and showing everybody he really does have exceptional ability and can move this team,” Jones said. “But yet, at the same time, recognizes that the best way for this team to win is to take the roll that we’re on with Dak and win with that.”

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