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Jerry Jones says NFL’s continued investigation of Elliott not unfair

Ezekiel Elliott is leading the NFL in rushing this season.
Ezekiel Elliott is leading the NFL in rushing this season. AP

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones believes running back Ezekiel Elliott has nothing to worry about regarding the NFL’s on-going investigation into domestic violence allegations by a former girlfriend.

The city of Columbus [Ohio] prosecutor’s office declined to pursue criminal charges.

However, the league has yet to close their own investigation, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

While it appears that Elliott is still being punished with his name being associated with a situation that he is legally cleared of, Jones defended the league’s due diligence in the matter.

“One of the debatable issues in our policies that is not debatable in law and that is the open endedness in our society and in law it isn’t fair to just leave it open,” Jones said. “But the issue of employee and company, you do have a chance for that company to continually evaluate an employee. So there’s, it’s more far-reaching than how we are handling it.

“What’s different with players in the NFL is we are on a soapbox saying to everybody look at our players, look at everything we’re about and please look more, well then when we have an issue that you might have in a normal business relationship then it gets publicity, which can be implied as punishment that you don’t have in normal business things, so we have to work through that and work to do it as best we can to be fair to players.”

The DA’s ruling clearing Elliott of criminal wrongdoing came in September after a lengthy investigation. Elliott, though, remains subject to discipline from the NFL if the league deems he violated the personal conduct policy.

The league has come under fire for its handling of domestic violence cases against former Ravens running back Ray Rice in 2014 and Giants kicker Josh Brown this season.