Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys safety Barry Church laments two missed interceptions

Barry Church couldn’t come up with two possible interceptions on Sunday night.
Barry Church couldn’t come up with two possible interceptions on Sunday night. AP

Safety Barry Church is playing with a cast on his right forearm and is frustrated that it cost him two potential interceptions on Sunday night.

Church had a chance for an interception in the first half on a deep ball intended for Odell Beckham Jr. that fell through his hands.

Church then had a better opportunity in the second half on the Giants’ first offensive play. New York quarterback Eli Manning tried to find Beckham again, but Church got his hands on the ball.

Church got two feet in, but the ball popped off his cast when he hit the ground and it was ruled incomplete. That play would have given the offense the ball deep in Giants territory.

“It sucks,” said Church, who leads the team with two interceptions. “Every time I go to tuck it, if I hit the ground, the ball bounces right off my cast every single time. I just have to figure out a way to land without the ball touching my cast.”

Church felt he had done enough on the second opportunity to make it an interception, and smirked about comparing it to Dez Bryant’s fumble later in the game being considered a catch.

Bryant had just established possession before having the ball knocked out by cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

So does Church know what a catch is?

“I don’t know. I have no idea what it is, man,” Church said. “I felt I tucked it and rolled [on the second chance], but I tucked it on the wrong side, tucked it on my cast side. So when I hit the ground, it bounced out.”

The Cowboys finished the game with three takeaways, including cornerback Anthony Brown’s first career interception. It was only the third time this season that the Cowboys have had multiple takeaways.