Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys QB Dak Prescott on off time: I’m 23; I’m going to have fun

Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott are having a good time – on the field and off. After the team’s annual Christmas party Monday night, the rookies were caught on a TMZ video spraying champagne at a club.

They seemed to be enjoying themselves.

“I’m 23,” Prescott said Wednesday. “I’m going to have fun. I’m a real person. I love this game. When I come here it’s strictly business, but I know how to separate the two.”

Prescott said his time at Mississippi State prepared him for the scrutiny he faces in the NFL.

“Going to Mississippi State, a school not known for a lot of football success and for us to go and have the success we did in the two years I was there, particularly the year [2014] we went to No. 1, yeah, I mean it definitely showed me what the spotlight does, how to get used to it and prepare for TMZ or whatever it may be out there, yeah,” Prescott said.

Prescott added that he takes safeguards when out in public, knowing the spotlight always will shine on him whatever he does.

“I’ve just got to be smart,” Prescott said. “At the end of the day just be smart about my decisions, know everything has a consequence, good or bad.”

The Cowboys had three days off after their victory over the Vikings on Thursday. They had a light work day Monday with their annual hospital visits in the morning and the Christmas party in the evening. The players then were off again Tuesday to fulfill the league requirement of an off day every week.

Asked what he did during his break, Elliott said, “I just stayed and chilled in.”

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