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Morris Claiborne tore a piece of bone off his pelvis, unsure on return

Morris Claiborne is unsure when he’ll be able to return.
Morris Claiborne is unsure when he’ll be able to return. mfaulkner@star-telegram.com

Cornerback Morris Claiborne still doesn’t know the official diagnosis of the injury that knocked him out of the Oct. 30 game against Philadelphia and has sidelined him the last three weeks, but he is feeling better and is hopeful to return at some point.

Claiborne sustained an avulsion fracture, but isn’t sure if it’s a “groin” or “sports hernia,” saying: “I’ve heard different things too. I think the worst part of it is where my pelvis is at, I tore a piece of the bone off the pelvis.

“So it’s something that’s supposed to be able to heal on its own, so that’s where we’re at now.”

Claiborne recently began doing work on resistance cords and is hopeful to start running next week. But it’s a slow process and Claiborne still could need surgery on it at some point.

Claiborne said the plan is to get an MRI exam in a couple weeks and see how it’s progressed up to that point.

“If it don’t heal the way it’s supposed to, then we start looking at options,” Claiborne said. “Right now, it appears to be feeling better.”

Claiborne was in the midst of a breakout season before going down with the injury. He was among the pleasant surprises on defense, but rookie Anthony Brown has filled his void nicely.

But Claiborne is hoping to get back out there “sooner than later.”