Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys QB Tony Romo says we’ll hear from him ‘soon’

Tony Romo has practiced fully the last two days.
Tony Romo has practiced fully the last two days. jlmarshall@star-telegram.com

What does Tony Romo think of Dak Prescott’s rise? How is he feeling physically? What’s his mindset at this point of the season?

Nobody knows yet.

Romo hasn’t spoken publicly since being diagnosed with a compression fracture in his lower back in late August. Romo has been around the team, though, and last week started going to quarterback meetings.

Romo made a brief appearance in the locker room on Thursday, and had a brief light-hearted exchange with a Star-Telegram reporter.

Asked if he’d be discussing his situation anytime soon, Romo smiled and said: “Yeah, I’ll talk soon.”

Told that fans cared what he thought about the season and his status going forward, he grinned and replied: “They do?”

Romo then said “OK, you convinced me,” before going to a refrigerator for a bottle of water. But then he turned around, smiled and said: “Not now!” as he walked out of the locker room.

The Cowboys find themselves in an interesting situation regarding Romo and Prescott. Prescott has led the Cowboys on a seven-game winning streak and the team has a positive vibe throughout.

But Romo is on the mend and practiced fully for the second straight day Thursday, and teammates have said he’s been the same person around the team as in the past. He just doesn’t care to talk about how he’s feeling or the situation the organization faces going forward.

At least not now. But we’ll hear from him at some point.