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Cole Beasley gets big laughs being ‘boomed’ back in time

Cole Beasley laughed about a viral video after taking this hit.
Cole Beasley laughed about a viral video after taking this hit.

Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley got a good laugh at the Whataburger drive thru after Sunday night’s 31-17 victory over the Chicago Bears.

A Twitter user by the handle @SelzerFX posted a funny video showing Beasley getting “boomed back in time” after Beasley got rocked by Chicago safety Adrian Amos.

Cole Beasley survived a pretty gnarly hit in the Cowboys' win over the Chicago Bears on Sunday night.

The video shows Beasley going back to last week’s game against Washington, then to a Martin Luther King Jr. rally and then to the dinosaur age.

“That was one of the most funniest videos I’ve ever seen,” Beasley said. “I was actually in the drive thru at Whataburger when I saw it. I showed my wife and were both dying laughing in the car. It was funny.”

Beasley had the wind knocked out of him following the hit and had to exit the game briefly. Fortunately for him and the Cowboys, he returned and finished with seven catches for 73 yards.

For the season, Beasley has 20 catches for 213 yards, putting him well on pace for career highs in catches (107) and yards (1,136). But Beasley can’t point to any one thing as to why he’s playing so well this season.

“It doesn’t feel any different, maybe I just prepared for this season better than I have in the past,” Beasley said. “Playing football and focusing on my job and doing what I have to do and playing fast.”