Johnny Manziel plans to go sober, wants to play in 2016

Johnny Manziel told TMZ he plans to go sober July 1 and make a comeback this season.
Johnny Manziel told TMZ he plans to go sober July 1 and make a comeback this season. AP

In the days before social media, we’d probably have forgotten about Johnny Manziel by now with no gateway into his blow-by-blow exploits. Unfortunately (or fortunately, however you choose to look at it), social media is here and Manziel keeps using it to keep us craning at his never-ending train wreck.

On Tuesday, Manziel headed to Mexico wearing a Josh Gordon Cleveland Browns jersey. Gordon is Manziel’s buddy from their days in Cleveland. Of course, Gordon, the former Baylor wide receiver, has been a washout in the league and is serving a suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

The more interesting stuff comes in this Instagram picture the former Heisman Trophy winner posted Tuesday. Check it out:

For starters, Manziel gives a shoutout to Brown, saying he won’t take off his jersey for a week. Then, in all caps, Manziel suggests that he will be making a comeback. We can only presume he means to the NFL, but a comeback in life in general would probably work here, too. Manziel wrote: “JUST WAIT ON THIS COMEBACK!!!!”

Manziel also added this hashtag: “#hidad,” which would appear to be a shoutout to his father, Paul, who just days ago told ESPN that his son is a druggie and he hopes he goes to jail. Paul Manziel was contacted after Manziel’s now-resigned lawyer accidentally texted the Associated Press instead of another lawyer regarding Manziel’s domestic violence case, and confided: “Heaven help us if one of the conditions is to pee in a bottle.”

As for the comeback message, perhaps there’s something to it. is on the case and posted a picture of what appears to be a female holding several small baggies of a white substance in the palm of her hand. TMZ contacted Manziel, who said those aren’t his drugs and that he doesn’t even know the girl.

But wait, there’s more. Manziel also said he’s going stone-cold sober starting July 1. TMZ reports that Manziel is staying in the Cabo mansion with 20 people, some of whom he does not know, but he is soon to hit the comeback trail and he hopes to play in 2016.

As for that sweet mansion, Manziel provided and a quick glimpse inside the place he’ll call home while south of the border.


S/O @travisscott cuz...ITS LIT per usual

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According to For The Win, the lovely house is the Villa Tokase, according to Luxury Retreats. The home goes for $3,900 a night (for early July) and includes four bedrooms, 6.5 baths and a pool.

Of course it was just a couple months ago that Manziel was accused of trashing a rented house in Los Angeles to the tune of $32,000 in damages.

Hopefully, he’ll take better care of this pad. And maybe change out of that Gordon jersey before the week’s over.