Johnny Manziel’s original agent explains why he had to dump him

Since being waived by the Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel has had two agents give him ultimatums to clean up. When he failed to listen to either, both dropped him as a client.

Manziel’s days playing in the NFL certainly seemed numbered, and recently those close to him suggest his life is headed in the same direction if he doesn’t change his partying ways soon.

Unfortunately, nothing seems to be faze the former Texas A&M sensation and Heisman Trophy winner.



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Eric Burkhart, the NFL agent who signed Manziel after he left A&M, recently joined Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager on his podcast and discussed his decision to part ways with Manziel, who he says he still talks to and hopes “he gets things turned around and hopefully one day plays football again.”

“I still think he’s an incredibly special player,” Burkhart said, “and I know several in the league that believe he can be a Pro Bowl-level player, although maybe everybody doesn’t agree with that.”

Asked why he decided to part ways with Manziel, Burkhart said: “You’ve got to do what’s best for people. That was the decision I made along with his family, and for Johnny. It’s not like I blindsided Johnny and he was finding out about it on the bottom line. And we’ve remained friends. He totally understood.

“Life is bigger than football. That’s what I would want out of my son’s adviser or agent if he had one. At the time we had to give an ultimatum to Johnny, and if he couldn’t meet that I had to be a man of my word and do what I said I was going to do. It was a difficult time.”

After Burkhart cut ties, Manziel hired noted NFL super-agent Drew Rosenhaus. But it didn’t take long for Rosenhaus to also issue Manziel and ultimatum that was not met, and Rosenhaus also dropped the spiraling quarterback.

“Johnny FaceTimed me last week because he wanted to see my 2-year-old son. That’s the hard part. The hard part is he shows up to my house, and my kid’s a 1-year-old, and he shows up to my house and gets in the bounce house with 30 little kids in the backyard.

“I just care a lot about him. That was strictly a business decision at the time based on some ultimatums I had to give him.”


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It certainly doesn’t appear that Manziel is anywhere close to making changes in his life, other than adding more ink to a deteriorating body that once terrorized Nick Saban’s defense.