Steelers fan seen choking a Chargers fan, who reportedly is pregnant, at Sunday’s game

There is no good spin to put on this.

During Sunday night’s Steelers-Chargers game in Pittsburgh, a photographer captured an incident between fans of the two teams in the stands.

In one of the images, the Steelers fan, who is a man, can been seen with his hand around the neck of a woman in a Chargers jersey.

According to the Pittsburgh Current, the woman is 26 weeks pregnant. Her husband, Daniel Minshew, told the Current that they live in San Diego but travel to a few Chargers road games each season.

Photographer Shelley Lipton, who took the pictures, told the newspaper that “the larger Steelers fan attacked a man wearing a Chargers suit, Minshew’s regular game-day attire. Lipton saw the woman, who we now know is pregnant, try to intervene to protect her husband. Lipton didn’t notice until she processed the photo that the Steelers fan, who was at least twice the woman’s size, grabbed her around the throat.”

Minshew told the paper that his wife has experienced back pain since the incident and that he had contacted the police about the altercation.

The name of the Steelers fan is unknown.

A Twitter user named Adobe Wan Kenobi tweeted a photo of the incident, which also included the woman putting her hands on the Steelers fan: