Dallas Mavericks

Nowitzki feels lines of communications somehow broke down


DALLAS – As the leader of elder statesman of the Dallas Mavericks, forward Dirk Nowitzki felt there was a breakdown in communication in the issues regarding Chandler Parsons weight and conditioning.

After Friday’s 118-019 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, coach Rick Carlisle said Parsons looked tired, overweight and not in conditioning. On Sunday, Carlisle apologized to Parsons and to his team for making those comments.

Nowitzki, meanwhile, just felt the lines of communications somehow got blurred.

"I think there was a little miscommunication,’’ Nowitzki said after Sunday’s 106-98 triumph over the Indiana Pacers. "I don’t think Chandler is fat and out of shape -- I think that’s how it came over.

"I think Chandler’s point this summer is that he played a lot of (power forward) as a backup last year and he just felt too skinny and got pushed around. So he put on some upper body strength and he gained some weight in the upper body, but it’s not like he came in here with 25 % body fat.’’

From Nowitzki’s vantage point, somehow words were not replayed to the media properly.

"I think stuff was communicated through the media a little wrong, but I think we’re past it,’’ Nowitzki said. "Both of them, I guess, talked to each other and we’re looking forward to just moving on and getting everybody on the same page.’’