Dallas Mavericks

Cuban described Carlisle’s comments and apology as a none issue

DALLAS -- Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban described the comments coach Rick Carlisle made about forward Chandler Parsons’ weight and conditioning as a "none event’’ which he shared with Parsons.

That came after Carlisle apologized to Parsons and to his team for making the remarks after Friday’s 118-109 loss to the Oklahoma City thunder.

"It’s kind of funny,’’ Cuban said. "Rick felt he had to apologize, he did and that’s it.’’

Cuban said he didn’t know if Carlisle should have apologized.

"You do develop relationships with new guys and so you’ve just got to be sensitive to it and that’s what he felt he needed to do,’’ Cuban said. "I wouldn’t have asked him to, but it’s his choice.’’

When asked if he felt like Carlisle said anything wrong to Parsons, Cuban said: "I don’t know. I haven’t been watching Chandler’s weight all that closely.

"I don’t think he’s overweight. We’re not talking like he’s 37 pounds overweight.’’