Dallas Mavericks

Mavs fined $25,000 for PA announcer's tweets on officiating

The NBA fined the Dallas Mavericks $25,000 Friday, according to a source, because of multiple critical tweets American Airlines Center public address announcer Sean Heath made from his Twitter account about the referees in the team’s 122-120 overtime loss to the Golden State Warriors on April 1.

Heath apparently felt that lead official Danny Crawford and his crew missed a goaltending call on Jermaine O’Neal on a shot by Monta Ellis which would have given the Mavs a two-point lead over the Warriors with 13.9 seconds left. No call was made. Stephen Curry then buried a jumper with 0.1 second remaining to win the game for the Warriors.

From his Twitter account, Heath’s three tweets read:

• @nba Danny Crawford just blew a goaltending call and cost the Mavs a game. We will all be awaiting your apology. #pathetic

• @nba : The ONLY professional league in the US with the reputation that the games are rigged. Know why? Because of games like tonight.#shame

• @nba If you have the technology to get calls right, we’d all LOVE to see it implemented as soon as possible. These. Games. Matter.#thefans

On April 2, the NBA released a statement saying that Crawford’s crew had indeed missed the goaltending call and the Mavs should have had a 122-120 lead with 13.9 seconds remaining in overtime.

Meanwhile, the NBA originally suspended Heath for two games, but decided to rescind it and instead fine the Mavs $25,000 for his actions. Because Heath is a contract worker and not an official employee of the Mavs, the NBA would have to go through some legal hoops in order to suspend him, the source said.

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