Dallas Mavericks

Rockets fire social media manager for ill-advised tweet

DALLAS – A day after a mean-spirted tweet directed at the Dallas Mavericks, the Houston Rockets fired social media manager Chad Shanks for the ill-advised tweet.

Near the conclusion of Houston’s 103-94 win over the Mavs, the Rockets tweeted a tweet which said: "Shhhh. Just close your eyes. It will all be over soon.’’

The caption included an emoji of a pistol pointed directly at a horse.

The Mavs used their Twitter account to tweet: ‘Not very classy but we wish you guys the best of luck in the next round.’’

On Wednesday, Shanks used his personal Twitter account to tweet: "Sometimes you can go too far. I will no long run @Houston Rockets, but am grateful to the organization that let me develop an online voice.’’

Late Tuesday night, the Rockets issued a tweet to apologize by tweeting: "Our Tweet earlier was in very poor taste & not indicative of the respect we have for the @dallasmavs & their fans. We sincerely apologize.’’

Mavs forward Dirk Nowitzki reacted to the controversy by saying: "I was made aware of it afterwards. Just unfortunate.

"I think the guy behind the mobile phone there was a little too excited or something. It was a good playoff series that didn’t need to end like that.’’