Texas Motor Speedway

Actor Dennis Quaid: Dog’s best friend


Actor Dennis Quaid, who gave drivers the order to start their engines, had a bunk mate Saturday night at his hotel.

A stray dog kindly accepted the Hollywood star’s invitation to stay the night.

“He learned how to use the revolving door at the hotel, and kept coming into the restaurant,” said Quaid, who had fashioned a hotel bathrobe belt as a leash. “He seemed like he was trying to find his owner.

“He slept up in the room last night, and got some great room service courtesy of NASCAR.”

The mongrel – he’s black, appearing to be a bull of some such with white paws and a white neck on his underside -- was lounging outside the media center eating breakfast tacos from Fuzzy’s as the race began. (That’s no lie. He was eating tacos.) And he kindly accepted pats from passers-by. The thinking was that he belonged to one of the speedway’s RV families.

A speedway spokesman suggested that “Quaid,” as the dog had been so named, might share the fate of “Dirt Track,” who meandered onto the premises some time ago and now hangs out at the … dirt track.