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Photographer in middle of Croatia’s goal celebration took amazing pictures

Mario Mandzukic ran toward the corner flag after he scored what proved to be the game-winning goal for Croatia in Wednesday’s World Cup semifinal game against England.

Photographer Yuri Cortez noticed Mandzukic and his teammates coming toward him, so a quick change of lenses was needed. Before Cortez knew it, he was part of the Croatian celebration.

“Yet I was still taking pictures,” Cortez told Actual Futbol.

Cortez, the Chief Photographer in AFP Mexico, was asked by Actual Futbol if he and the players were surprised by the moment.

“Yes, of course given the situation at the start, but when the players realized who I was, they asked if I was OK,” Cortez said.

Here are some of the photos that Cortez took from the middle of the celebration:

This is great as well: