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The greatest Texas Ranger is so close it’s going to extra innings. Vote now

Star-Telegram staff

Photos: The Associated Press and Star-Telegram

Update: The battle between Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez and Nolan Ryan is so close, it’s going into extra innings. Voting will continue until the Rangers game today at 1:05 p.m. Vote now!

It’s that time of year, when the end of college basketball (National Championship game) converges with the beginning of the major league baseball season (Opening Day). Both fall on the same day this year: Monday, April 4. To honor this occasion we’ve mashed up the two by creating a bracket to see who fans think is the Texas Rangers’ greatest player of all time.

After starting with 16 top players, we’re down to the final two: Pudge vs. Nolan. This is a matchup of former batterymates (1991-93). The top-seeded Rodriguez has cruised to the final. Second-seeded Ryan was dominant in the first two rounds but had to sweat a little in the final four against Michael Young. This should be a tight race for the championship.

Vote and check back Wednesday to see who the fans voted as the Rangers greatest player.



Final four results

1. Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez (88%) defeats 13. Rusty Greer (12%)

2. Nolan Ryan (67%) defeats 6. Michael Young (33%)

Great eight results

1. Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez (84%) defeats 8. Adrian Beltre (16%)

2. Nolan Ryan (87%) defeats 7. Jim Sundberg (13%)

6. Michael Young (75%) defeats 3. Juan Gonzalez (25%)

13. Rusty Greer (59%) defeats 5. Rafael Palmiero (41%)

Sweet sixteen results

1. Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez (96%) defeats 16. Ruben Sierra (4%)

2. Nolan Ryan (94%) defeats 15. Kenny Rogers (6%)

3. Juan Gonzalez (72%) defeats 14. Ferguson Jenkins (28%)

13. Rusty Greer (57%) defeats 4. Buddy Bell (43%)

5. Rafael Palmiero (64%) defeats 12. Josh Hamilton (36%)

6. Michael Young (86%) defeats 11. Charlie Hough (14%)

7. Jim Sundberg (72%) defeats 10. Ian Kinsler (28%)

8. Adrian Beltre (85%) defeats 9. Toby Harrah (15%)