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Vegan nachos, $27 pig-a-palooza sandwich top list of new Texas Rangers food items

The Wicked Pig sandwich will be new at Rangers concessions this season for $27
The Wicked Pig sandwich will be new at Rangers concessions this season for $27 Delaware North

Every year, the Texas Rangers roll out a new roster of ballpark gutbusters.

This year’s heavy-hitter is the Wicked Pig, a $27 sandwich packed with pork, including bacon, ham, sausage and pork rinds. There’s also a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Dog festooned with the spicy snack and slathered in nacho cheese for $10.50.

They join Globe Life Park in Arlington’s other menu stars from seasons past, such as the Boomstick, a 2-foot-long chili cheese dog; the Beltre Buster, a 1-pound, five-patty burger; and the Choomongous, a 2-foot-long Korean barbecue sandwich.

Perhaps equally eye-raising this season will be the light-hitting Vegan Cart, featuring vegan everything from nachos to jerky.

The Rangers will unveil this season’s new delicacies on April 4 in the home opener against the Seattle Mariners.

Until then, here’s the complete list of new ballpark fare released by the team Thursday morning.

Wicked Pig

▪ Hawaiian roll layered with pulled pork, thick cut Danish bacon, a split sausage, prosciutto, thick sliced ham, covered in barbecue sauce, topped with coleslaw and pork rinds.

▪ Located at the 557 Smokehouse in section 49.

▪ $27

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Dog

▪ All-beef hot dog topped with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos infused Nacho Cheese and sprinkled with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos for an atomic kick.

▪ Located at American Dog stands in sections 22 and 48.

▪ $10.50

Chicken & Donut Skewer

▪ 12-inch skewer of fresh donut holes & fried chicken drizzled with sweet & spicy buffalo honey sauce.

▪ Located at Flew the Coop in section 50.

▪ $12

Ballpark Vegan

Vegan-themed portable cart that offers a variety of popular ballpark fare and other healthy options that do not contain any animal by-products. The menu consists of: Southwest Black Bean Burger, Vegan Nachos, Vegan Hot Dog, Vegan Jerky, Vegan Chili, Vegan Spinach Wrap, Shake It Up Salad, Fresh Cut Fruit and more!

▪ Located in section 16.

▪ Prices vary

Shake It Up Salad

▪ House-made garden salad served in a shakeable cup with a side of dressing to conveniently enjoy on the go.

▪ Located at Ballpark Vegan in section 16 and Centerfield Market.

▪ $9

Jumbo Hot Dog

▪ Standard Jumbo Hot Dog in general concessions is now an all-beef Angus Hot Dog sourced from the local Fort Worth based Texas Chili Company.

▪ Served at most concessions locations

▪ $6

Pub Pretzels with Beer Cheese

▪ Fresh-baked pub-style pretzels served with a house made beer cheese.

▪ Located in sections 11, 18, 30, and 327.

▪ $7.50

Bahama Buck’s SnoBlast

▪ Riptide Raspberry and Cherry Sublime flavors available.

▪ Located at section 11, 23, 30, 37, Centerfield Market, 216, 236, 322, and 338. Also vended in the seats.

▪ $6

Best Damn Root Beer

▪ An adult version of a childhood favorite.

Captain Morgan Club

Bacon and Cheddar Loaded Fries

▪ Waffle-cut fries topped with sour cream, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and scallions.

▪ $8.50

Smoked Brisket Loaded Fries

▪ Waffle-cut fries topped with white queso, brisket smoked in-house, grilled onions and peppers.

▪ $9.50

Pudge’s Plate

▪ Hot pressed panini stuffed with smoked turkey breast, turkey patty, fresh spinach, provolone cheese, and Sriracha aioli.

▪ $16

Homerun Cheeseburger

▪ Four all-beef hamburger patties topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onions on a brioche bun. Served with a pickle spear and waffle fries.

▪ $16.50

Suites-only offerings

Mediterranean Wedge Salad

Miniature version of the classic with: Romaine Hearts, julienned cucumbers, Roma tomatoes, fried pancetta, feta cheese crumbles and Greek vinaigrette dressing

Big Texas Club

Turkey breast, salami, bacon, pepper-jack cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato, chipotle mayonnaise, Texas-size buns.

Gulf Coast Raw Bar

Assortment of seasonal seafood, featuring fresh crab claws, bay scallops and smoked salmon, served with the traditional condiments.

Rocky Road Bread Pudding

Toasted sweet bread, custard, marshmallows and pecans served with whiskey cream sauce.

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