Texas Rangers

Rangers ring in postseason with culinary concession indulgences

The playoffs call for pulling out all the stops. Not just on the baseball field but in the culinary world, too.

The Texas Rangers have added four special postseason concession items for the Rangers playoff run, which begins Thursday at Globe Life Park.

Here’s a look at the items:

The Popcornopolis Pita

(Available in sections 24 and 49)

The Rangers say: Texas size portions of Smoked Brisket, and Mac N Cheese served on Pita Bread and topped off with Popcornopolis Caramel Popcorn. The Popcornopolis Pita combines several of our fan’s favorite items into one delicious treat!

Stefan says: I like the combination but hold the caramel popcorn. I like to keep my deserts separate from my entree. Fellow beat writer Jeff Wilson is intrigued. caramel corn is his favorite kind of corn.

The Atomic Burger

(Available in section 26)

The Rangers say: Much like its cousin the Beltre Buster, this is a Cheeseburger with 2lbs of meat, and all the fixings. The Atomic Burger adds a kick (or punch...?) of spice with a Ghost Pepper cheese sauce that is sure satisfy the spicy food fan!

Stefan says: I don’t like my tongue on fire while dining. I love big burgers piled with bacon but I don’t want to spend several innings in the emergency room.

The TamArlington Dog

(Available in section 25)

The Rangers say: We have taken the hot dog out of the bun, and serving it as a tamale topped with chili and nachos cheese.

Stefan says: Easily my favorite new concept. It takes the frito pie and chili cheese dog and mashes them together beautifully. Just give me some chopped 1050 onions on top and I’m good to go.

The N.E.Q Sandwich

(Available in the Captain Morgan Club)

The Rangers say: Philly cheesesteak topped with provolone cheese, fried jalapeno slices, onion rings, waffle fries, fried mozzarella and white queso. Served with Captain Morgan dipping sauce.

Stefan says: I’m a fan of everything on this bad boy, but is it too much? If you have to ask, you’re probably not the target audience. This probably could fill a family of four with some still left for the dog.

Stefan Stevenson: 817-390-7760, @StevensonFWST