Johnny Manziel in incident with fan at Byron Nelson venue

No charges and no reports were filed in an incident involving Cleveland Browns quarterback and former Texas Aggies star Johnny Manziel late Saturday evening at the Four Seasons Resort and Club.

Manziel and friends were gathered at the hotel pool during the PGA Tour’s AT&T Byron Nelson. Irving Police public information officer James McLellan said a group of autograph seekers was turned away repeatedly by Manziel and his friends.

“We were asked to investigate this with hotel security and found the only criminal offense that may have occurred was a friend of Manziel’s pushing an 18-year-old who was a part of the group seeking autographs,” he said. “The 18-year-old declined to press charges, both groups left the premises and that’s where our investigation ended.”

McLellan said it was alleged that when Manziel declined to sign autographs, the group began to heckle Manziel.

At some point, while repeatedly being badgered by the autograph seeker, Manziel threw a water bottle in his direction that hit a wall behind the targeted individual.

McLellan said the individual then shouted “nice throw” toward Manziel and the scuffle escalated.

McLellan said there was no evidence that Manziel was intoxicated or had been consuming alcohol.

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