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Fort Worth-area high school volleyball leaders Sept. 3, 2019; Georgia commit leads in aces

Luper siblings ready for football, volleyball season at area schools

Chance Luper and Charitie Luper have always been competitive. Now, they get ready to take that edge to the football field or the volleyball court at their Fort Worth area schools. Their father, Curtis Luper, is the running backs coach at TCU.
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Chance Luper and Charitie Luper have always been competitive. Now, they get ready to take that edge to the football field or the volleyball court at their Fort Worth area schools. Their father, Curtis Luper, is the running backs coach at TCU.

Here are the area high school volleyball leaders in kills, assists, digs, blocks and aces as of Sept. 1, 2019.

Player spotlight: Georgia commit Lyric Stewart (Lake Ridge junior hitter) leads the area with 80 aces.

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Hailey Hunt, Red Oak 379

Lacy Mott, Waxahachie 379

Reese Rumfield, Joshua 336

Tessa Glick, LD Bell 320

Paige Flickinger, Byron Nelson 318

Kennedy Stanford, Lamar 300

Emily Rich, Burleson 299

Sydney Niederhaus, Arlington 297

Lyric Stewart, Lake Ridge 291

Maya Duckworth, Birdville 287

Haylee Maxey, Keller 279

Daleigh Ellison, Aledo 268

Marian Attaway, Crowley 264

Jadyn Fife, Fossil Ridge 261

Kendal King, Paschal 254

Abbie Lane, Weatherford 252

Heaven Nunley, Richland 251

Jordyn Williams, Guyer 248

Madison Williams, Lake Ridge 244

Isabela Moore, Boswell 243

Kyndal Payne, Eaton 241

Makenna Miller, Northwest 229

Charitie Luper, Byron Nelson 228

Ellie Strebeck, Burleson 225

Hailey Schneider, Guyer 221

Annabelle Smith, Carroll 218

Katelyn Malone, Red Oak 213

Jayla Schultz, Weatherford 204

Kaylen Beaty, Boswell 202

Lilly Taylor, Aledo 202

Brooke Slusser, Guyer 198

Addison Moore, Cleburne 198

Simara Peyton, Richland 189

Trinity Mongare, Legacy 188

Natalie Glenn, Carroll 187

Brianna Bailey, Crowley 186

Addison Kahle, Birdville 184

Halle Sherlock, Timber Creek 183

Ava Roberts, Mansfield 180

Mariela Galaviz, Fossil Ridge 179

Isla Olivas, Fossil Ridge 176

Brynn Williams, Mansfield 174

Payton Bell, Granbury 172

Bryley Steinhilber, Kennedale 171

Rylie Rumfield, Joshua 170

Taylor Hinkle, Paschal 169


Ragan Ward, Waxahachie 798

Payton Chamberlain, Byron Nelson 761

Logan Loran, Weatherford 668

Mia Smalls, Burleson 663

Taylor Polivka, Keller 659

Camryn Dawley, LD Bell 659

Mattie Gantt, Aledo 626

Addie Ortman, Eaton 617

Grace Wood, Joshua 615

Kaley Brubaker, Saginaw 546

Maci Bohannon, Crowley 530

Morgan Andress, Northwest 519

Carley Rushing, Red Oak 512

Autumn Roach, Chisholm Trail 508

Logyn Hinds, Lake Ridge 487

Chloe Beard, Arlington 487

Tatum Parker, Paschal 473

Mollie Blank, Mansfield 418

U’Niq Adams, Fossil Ridge 411

Chloe Alderson, Richland 403

Mabyn Thomas, Carroll 390

Brooke Slusser, Guyer 385

Halle Sherlock, Timber Creek 378

Hope Franklin, Boswell 368

Lilly Rychlik, Kennedale 355

Tori Burns, Birdville 337

Abby Lewis, Richland 330

Caitlyn Boyd, Boswell 316

Savannah Smith, Granbury 312

Emily Pascale, Timber Creek 310

Bianca Perez, Lake Worth 307

Joy Smith, Cleburne 301

LoLo Schroeder, Granbury 300

Trinity Carruthers, Lake Ridge 298

Angie Borthers, Legacy 267

Makinzie Taplin, Red Oak 255

Emma Zumwalt, Mansfield 254

Paige Harbin, Lamar 252

Jessica Dunn, Carroll 246

Kayla Jennings, Benbrook 230

Taralyn Eschberger, Country Day 228


Emily Ah Leong, Boswell 544

Keegan O’Connor, Weatherford 480

Keagan Polk, Carroll 450

Riley Pickett, Aledo 408

Ellie Davis, Red Oak 406

Kaitlyn McCabe, Granbury 399

Baylee Whitehead, Waxahachie 397

Katie Le, Mansfield 369

Nakayla Abelard, Fossil Ridge 364

Shaleah Williams, Crowley 356

Tessa Glick, LD Bell 328

Daylee Doggett, Northwest 323

Tara Wells, Lamar 323

Kalani Whillock, Keller 320

Payton Bell, Granbury 315

Cameron Rogers, Keller 305

Caleigh Enax, Eaton 301

Hailey Hunt, Red Oak 296

Maribel Aumoeualogo, Eaton 294

Kaylen Beaty, Boswell 291

Mati Souza, Timber Creek 289

Caitlin McGuire, Paschal 283

Payton Hyden, Legacy 278

Emma Dustin, Burleson 278

Paige Flickinger, Byron Nelson 271

Maya Duckworth, Birdville 267

Madison Williams, Lake Ridge 267

Isabela Moore, Boswell 266

Daleigh Ellison, Aledo 266

Trinity Bryant, Lake Ridge 261

Gia Santini, Byron Nelson 256

Rylie Rumfield, Joshua 247

Gracie Nichols, Granbury 246

Anna Esquivel, LD Bell 244

Charitie Luper, Byron Nelson 237

Logan Loran, Weatherford 235

Kate Morgan, Waxahachie 232

Betty Gonzalez, Arlington 231

Emily Rich, Burleson 227

Lacy Mott, Waxahachie 223

Lyric Stewart, Lake Ridge 223

Emily Coleman, Richland 221

Addy Curry, Timber Creek 219

Tatum Wright, Weatherford 217

Dai Pham, Paschal 214

Maggie Walsh, Guyer 213

Addison Kahle, Birdville 212

Addison Moore, Cleburne 210

Jarelly Pacheco, Lake Worth 210

Mattie Gantt, Aledo 201

Taylor Polivka, Keller 199

Sydney Niederhaus, Arlington 198

Kyndal Payne, Eaton 197

Keaundra Sykes, Duncanville 197

Tatum Pavey, Kennedale 196

Natalie Glenn, Carroll 194

Kailey Sasser, Joshua 194


Zanobia Willis, Red Oak 119

Annabelle Smith, Carroll 94

Megan O’Neal, Red Oak 77

Audrey Pearce, Aledo 77

Jordan McAda, Boswell 74

Morgan Demuth, Mansfield 73

Mekayla Koger, Lake Ridge 71

Jordyn Williams, Guyer 70

Leah Ford, Keller 65

Lindsay Harris, Eaton 64

Madelyn Grunza, Carroll 64

Payton Chamberlain, Byron Nelson 63

Linda Davis, Richland 60

Hollie Perdue, Keller 58

Brynn Williams, Mansfield 57

Hannah McCreight, Northwest 56

Sydney Biggs, Boswell 56

Kiya Yeoman, Eaton 54

Kaelyn Mack, Lake Ridge 54

Calvary Hills, Lamar 54

Caroline Duke, Northwest 53

Simara Peyton, Richland 52

Daleigh Ellison, Aledo 51

Kendal King, Paschal 49

Laura Brambilla, Carroll 49

Hailey Hunt, Red Oak 48

Jadyn Fife, Fossil Ridge 47

Maddie Gregory, Burleson 47

Macie Blohowiak, Granbury 47

Taylor Fanning, Mansfield 47

Jh’kyah Head, Waxahachie 46

Alyssa Gribble, Aledo 46

Maya Linton, Timber Creek 44

Madison Babers, Waxahachie 43

Emily White, Burleson 43

Brianna Bailey, Crowley 43

Payton Bell, Granbury 43

Isla Olivas, Fossil Ridge 42

Abbie Lane, Weatherford 41

Trinity Mongare, Legacy 40

Ashanti Frazier, Birdville 39

Ellie Strebeck, Burleson 38

Ava Roberts, Mansfield 38

Sasha Caldwell, LD Bell 38

Dariana Stockman, Everman 38

Haley Livingston, Everman 36

Malea Whiteside, Cleburne 35

Chloe Brownlee, Weatherford 35

Lyric Stewart, Lake Ridge 34

Logyn Hinds, Lake Ridge 34

Peighton Serda, Boswell 34

Mattie Gantt, Aledo 33

Haylee Maxey, Keller 32

Lexi Long, Northwest 31

Shakaria Redic, Everman 31


Lyric Stewart, Lake Ridge 80

Kaley Brubaker, Saginaw 55

Tessa Glick, LD Bell 48

Chloe Alderson, Richland 47

Rylie Rumfield, Joshua 46

Addie Ortman, Eaton 46

Camryn McGriff, Benbrook 45

Lacy Mott, Waxahachie 45

Addison Moore, Cleburne 41

Emily Rich, Burleson 40

Caleigh Enax, Eaton 38

Sydney Niederhaus, Arlington 38

Dai Pham, Paschal 37

Emily Fowlkes, Benbrook 36

Angie Brothers, Legacy 35

Marian Attaway, Crowley 35

Gracie Nichols, Granbury 34

Kayla Jennings, Benbrook 33

Mattie Gantt, Aledo 33

Tatum Wright, Weatherford 32

Tatum Parker, Paschal 31

Chloe Beard, Arlington 31

Bianca Perez, Lake Worth 31

Caroline Kahle, Birdville 30

Kaylen Beaty, Boswell 30

Grace Wood, Joshua 29

Kyndal Payne, Eaton 28

Brooke Slusser, Guyer 28

Heaven Nunley, Richland 27

Simara Peyton, Richland 26

U’Niq Adams, Fossil Ridge 26

LoLo Schroeder, Granbury 26

Jordyn Williams, Guyer 26

Mollie Blank, Mansfield 25

Kylee DeLong, Northwest 25

Trinity Mongare, Legacy 25

Caitlyn Boyd, Boswell 25

Isabela Moore, Boswell 25

Keaundra Sykes, Duncanville 25

Kassidy Wooten, Joshua 25

Brooke Bohannon, Richland 25

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